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Global Interconnections LLC is registered in the United States, though we operate on a global scale. Our projects are currently focused to a great degree on continuing projects that originated with the Dept of Energy and Air Force Minerva project. 

Through these projects, we were handed considerable discretion to conduct research on what is already known about risk assessments and strategic foresight methodologies; to undertake outreach with a broad array of organizations from within the US DoD and other US government agencies; along with liaising with domestic and international organizations and institutions. 

Current case study research includes focus on Arctic regions and connections to Asia-Pacific, but the complex nature of global climate change and the effects of the geopolitical impacts of globalization ensure that our focus is not too narrowly focused. 

We draw upon networks of expertise and also advise on regions such as Africa, Latin America, Australia, and Asia. Just as the environment does not respect political boundaries, nor does our interdisciplinary work which is trans-boundary and far-reaching by necessity.

Dr. Chad M. Briggs, Strategy Director  
Chad Briggs is a global leader in risk assessment and energy & environmental foresight, having worked in academic, military and security communities. He has been a Fulbright professor to Budapest and Berlin, a senior advisor to the US Dept of Energy, DOE team leader on abrupt climate change, and has published in fields from ecotoxicology and medicine to scenario planning and geography. From 2010-2012 he was Minerva Chair of Energy and Environmental Security for the US Air Force. He is currently also an adjunct faculty member at Johns Hopkins University.
Tracy Walstrom Briggs, Executive Director
Tracy Briggs has extensive experience in work group facilitation, environmental risk assessment, professional publication editing, research in areas ranging from the public understanding of environmental change to conflict resolution. As the Assoc. Coordinator of a large environmental graduate program, she was an instructor, developed academic curriculum and a student advisor. From 2010-2012 she was Minerva Associate Chair of Energy and Environmental Security at the US Air War College, USAF.Chad_Briggs_Bio_-_GlobalInt.htmlTracy_Briggs_Bio_-_GlobalInt.htmlhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1

GlobalInt Origins

In 2010, GlobalInt was established to provide energy and environmental foresight services, in close collaboration with the US Air Force Minerva Project and General Dynamics (GDIT).


The Minerva Project was established by the US Secretary of Defense to provide innovative methods for identifying and planning for energy and environmental risks. As opposed to traditional methods that looked for most probable events, the USAF Minerva/GlobalInt approach examines extreme events for which there is inadequate response, helping to identify key vulnerabilities to infrastructure and operations. GlobalInt hopes to expand such assessments to other government agencies and commercial enterprises in the future.


With the rapidity of the impacts of global climate change and geopolitical transformation fast outpacing our current ability to adapt, it is more necessary than ever to focus on providing services that assist organizations and institutions with the ability to adapt and to be better able to proactively manage their affairs in an ever more uncertain and risky world.

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