Disaster Mitigation & Adaptation Planning

As natural and man-made disasters increase in number and severity, GlobalInt

provides advance planning tools to identify critical nodes and vulnerabilities from emerging risks and multi-stressor disasters. From large events such as Hurricane Sandy to local energy shortages, unexpected disasters can create enormous burdens for both those affected and those tasked with response.

By identifying future tipping points, we assist organizations in planning for mitigating disaster risks and responding to their impacts, from a local government level to that of international military operations. Disaster planning can include hazard identification, contingency operations, and communication of merging risks to the public depending upon the needs of the client.

Comprehensive Environmental Assessment & Risk Communication

Using tools from environmental impact assessment and strategic energy/environment assessments, GlobalInt is experienced in translating scientific data into meaningful information that is useful for decision-makers. GlobalInt also has experience developing strategic communication strategies, including outreach to media outlets and diplomatic audiences.

Services We Offer


Strategic Risk Scenario Planning

GlobalInt has developed energy and environmental security foresight scenario planning tools that work within a broader risk assessment process that is intended to inform development policy, planning and implementation. We do this by including scientists, stakeholders and subject matter experts not typically brought together in the same room.

The process of scenario development is often as important as generating outcomes. By motivating cross-disciplinary exchanges of knowledge and fostering cooperation across boundaries of expertise association, the outcomes generated can guide future research or risk assessments involving emerging and existing security risks and challenges.

Energy & Environmental Security Assessments

Environmental and energy conditions may not only pose risks to organizations and their missions, but present more severe security risks either directly or indirectly. GlobalInt has extensive expertise in designing security assessment tools for potential strategic instability around the globe, and have worked with various military and intelligence agencies to identify how new security threats may emerge and how to monitor them.

Tracy Briggs leads scenario workgroup at NATO HQ, Brussels

GlobalInt is dedicated to facilitating the identification of emerging and complex risks and opportunities for our clients, from policymakers and military officers to NGOs and international businesses. GlobalInt is an environmental and energy security based consultancy established, in part, to explore and develop risk assessment tools and foresight methods for security and disaster planning. 


GlobalInt facilitates the existing strengths of our key partners and clients and helps to clarify goals in how to address the future, especially in areas of energy and environmental risks and opportunities. We draw upon our extensive networks of experts to offer much more than just what traditional in-house knowledge can provide, and apply tools developed earlier for the US Department of Defense and others.  

What We Do

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